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FAQ FAQ for alt.ftp-servers and

There are no rules to news groups, these are just helpful tips to guide you and answers to questions that get answered all the time. Feel free to add to this or argue with it. See my contact info at the bottom.

New to FTP?

Don't repost site info.

Don't post site contents.

Learn how to use an ftp client before connecting to posted sites.

Don't make requests, we can't publicly tell you what we have, that wouldn't be prudent considering the nature of our hobby, you have to come look to see what we have.

For god's sake don't post binaries, those go in binaries newsgroups.

Looking for a crack or serial? astalavista or any of the cracks newsgroups, this not being one of them.




Don't hammer, that is do not attempt to login to a server more often than once every minute.

Looking for the answer to a problem you are having? Search the archives of our newsgroups first on google: google group search

ftp clients:

cute ftp


smart ftp


wsftp le

ftp commander

Got a new ftp server up?

Do you have an upload directory? Does it allow write and append permissions?

Do you have a wishlist that is in the upload directory that allows read permission?

Do you have a way for us to contact you such as ICQ or other instant messenger?

Do you have a site list? A free utility is available at phuzz indexer called the phuzz indexer that indexes your site for you into a text file so your guests can read your list rather than open every file to see what you have. Newer versions of Phuzz indexer are on various private ftp's.

ftp server info: ftp server faq

ftp servers:

serv-u ftp

bullet proof ftp


guild ftp

war ftp

Have a dynamic IP address and want something more stable for free?


Use a firewall to protect your server:

black ice


zone alarm


Use an antivirus program to scan your programs before trading them!



What is a .rar, .ace., .zip? powerarchiver does all compressed file types.

Don't want to use your own ISP to post to certain newsgroups but you don't want to pay either? This german news server is totally free and carries thousands of newsgroups and retains posts much longer than most news servers.

register for free news server

Never pay for software if you can possibly help it!

Keep warez free!

Freely you have received, freely give.

Happy hunting!

Maintained by TJ Or ICQ 1342443

Copy of FAQ found on my homepage here.